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THE SHED is a new addition to Eureka Dune. This two-decades old building replaced a structure built at the same time as The Cottage, which originally had no bathroom. So, the old place contained an outhouse along with a workshop. We called it the shed. Thus the name. Tradition dictated it.


It has one room plus a toilet/shower room. There is a sink, microwave, small refrigerator and a coffeemaker. You can choose from three possible layouts. One has two twin beds arranged in a "lounge" configuration, one has the two twin beds laid out as shown below, and the third is set up as a king. You can see each option in the photos below. You will need to commit to one when you book. 

There is also Wi-Fi and a Smart TV.

You'll have complete access to the private beach and the use of a small deck on the way there. 

View toward Rocking Chair.jpg

Twin "Lounge" configuration


Twin configuration


King configuration

View toward bathroom 2.jpg
Entry View.jpg
Rocking Chair.jpg
The View from THE SHED.jpg