You can reach George DeWitt via:  


Phone:  Winter:  616.723.1330

             May through October:  616.335.3330

Post:     5479 Whispering Timbers, S.E.

             Grand Rapids, Michigan  49512

We are open to everyone - race, creed, persuasion, gender, nationality, age. etc.  The same goes for dogs (and cats).  The only people we aren't available to are those that are uncomfortable with that.

We are also not open to dogs that bite maliciously.  That applies to people, too.  And no firearms are allowed.

THE COTTAGE and THE SHED are non-smoking. However, it's OK on either deck, but only if it's OK with those you're with.

One more thing:  You will be expected to treat THE COTTAGE, THE SHED, the dune, the woods, the beach, and the lake with respect.  They deserve it.